About Me

I am Chanel Aleta, the founder of Aleta Inspired by Poppy. From climbing the corporate ladder and engaging with the community, to performing traditional West African dance and raising my daughter, I am a girl on a move. I am proud of my African American heritage and reflect this pride in my personal style and jewelry. I like to rock elegant pearls with the traditional African cowrie shells, giving me my “afro-chic” aesthetic.

meet chanel aleta

I handcraft jewelry

designed to help women

radiate confidence.


At Aleta Inspired by Poppy, I handcraft jewelry designed to help women radiate confidence. My original pieces invoke a woman’s wildflower sensibility: each piece is carefully packaged with a handwritten affirmation to encourage women to be their authentic self. I want women to shine and to light up the world with love and positive energy. In turn, their brilliance will encourage others to do the same.

the story behind the name

My beloved grandfather, Albert“Poppy” Brumfield, inspired the

 company namesake, as he has inspired generations in my family.

 My mother, my sister, my daughter, and I all bear his name -

 Aleta, my middle name, is derived from his first name “Albert.”


In the 1940’s, Poppy’s goal of challenging the status quo through

entrepreneurship guided him from Mississippi to California. He 

leaped over social hurdles facing African Americans, his spirit and

 determination were met with success. In fact, as the legend has 

it, he drove back and forth in a pink cadillac bringing his parents, 

siblings, and their families out west.


By the time I was nine years old, my Poppy’s admonitions about securing an independent

 lifestyle via learning a trade began to bear fruit. I have developed a passion for bead-smithing, 

and started making and selling beaded rings to fellow students, friends, and faculty. With the 

bagful of quarters I’d earned from that endeavor, I was able to buy my first Apple computer.

 Later on, I’d go on to win business plan competitions under the name “Chanel’s Creative 



Inspired by the birth of my daughter to celebrate my family in all areas of my life, I 

revamped my business and changed my business name. Through Aleta Inspired by Poppy, I

 continue my grandfather’s legacy of valuing family, practicing cooperative economics, and 

inspiring others to realize their dreams into fruition.